Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hammer of Justice Crushes You, Overpower!

As I have been known to do on a fine Saturday morning, I was perusing when I came across this article:

Dad chases naked teen from daughter's room with pipe

DELTONA, Fla. - An angry Deltona father whacked his teenage daughter's boyfriend with a metal pipe after finding the boy naked in his daughter's room.
Authorities say Raul Colon, 45, didn't even know his daughter had a boyfriend or that the youngster had been sneaking into the home for more than a year. When he heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom Thursday morning and saw a stranger standing naked on the girl's bed, he swung a metal pipe. He then chased the teen out the front door and called police. The boy was taken to the hospital where doctors closed a head wound with staples. Colon was charged with aggravated battery on a child and bonded out on $10,000.

Now, I'm no law enforcement officer, or even a lawyer, but why the hell was this man arrested? The fact that this had gone on for over a year automatically disqualifies him from any Father of the Year awards, but c'mon. Everyone knows that if you are sneaking into a girls house, there is a strong possibility of an ass-kicking coming. He's just lucky this was in Florida, not in Arizona or Texas where we would be reading about the tragic death of some punk kid.

The kid should just pay his hospital bills, apologize to the father of the girl and then do what any self-respecting teen-aged boy would do: go tell his friends about how that dad got in a lucky shot and how he was totally railing his girlfriend's ass before the lights went out.

Don't Call it a Comeback!

Well, I haven't been here for years, but it feels like a long time. This has been my oft neglected little place on the net. I tried to keep the VanBlogger alive, but if it is just going to be me posting, I'll do it here, where it is more just my thing. I'll be posting whatever pops into mind, so settle in and welcome back to the Haven.