Monday, June 18, 2012

But what do we think of his hairpiece?

So I've been behind on my social commentary, I'm not really sure why. For whatever reason, I've been reading about John Travolta and his little problem with the help and I was really struck by two things:

1. Kelly Preston is still really hot.


2. Why do I give a damn about who or what John Travolta wants to sex up? This doesn't excuse his unwanted advances on people (who if they are willing to be paid off are kinda saying they didn't mind all that much), but if Danny Zuko wants to go bust off some moves with some dude, why do we get so upset about it? The gay boogeyman really needs to go away. All this gossip-mongering about Travolta has actually made me feel bad for a privileged multi-millionaire. Who woulda thunk?