Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amber Waves of Grain

So one of the more recent food trends is the demonization of gluten. Which is nothing more than a huge pile of bullshit for over 95% of the world's population. In fact, a recent study suggested that the number of people who actually need to avoid gluten is even lower than that. The rash of 'gluten-free' products is just another example of the monstrous stupidity of the average American. I don't think you'll see a big no gluten push in Europe, where breads are usually fresh and delicious, or in the third world, where they just need something to eat. But is this stupidity enough to make me write today? Not really, it is all about new products that are starting to hit the market: gluten-free pet foods.

Really people? Why is this a thing? I get that you might want food for your pets that is less processed, or fresher, but if you think that putting your pets on a gluten-free diet is doing them any real good please do me a favor and have a healthy mug of STFU.