Friday, November 14, 2008

Two months?????

Finally, we have photographic proof that supermodels are better than the rest of us (see, that there was a clever statement. What other kind of proof could we have?). The Victoria's Secret model on the far left of this picture, Alessandra Ambrosio, had a baby two months ago. This picture was taken this week. First it was Heidi Klum, now this. Are they ramping up the effort to create unreasonable body images for girls? Or should we just rest easy knowing that there is an impending race of super men and women ready to take over?


Sorry I had my dates wrong, this picture was taken ten weeks after her baby. That's so much more acceptable.


Renee said...

Yeah, but did she get to eat copious amounts of pumpkin bread during the pregnancy?

I think not.

diane said...

Or did she drink JIB oreo cookie milkshakes everyday?
Thanks for reminding us all that we are weak. You are the bestest.