Sunday, January 04, 2009

A New Definition for Gold-digger?

According to CNN, the estate of The Big Bopper is going to auction off the used coffin that the Bopper had been buried in for the last fifty years.  I can only surmise that the estate wants to take advantage of the fact that the Bopper's fans are either already dead or on the cusp.

This does open the door for a whole new level of celebrity memoribilia though.  Who knows the possiblilities?  Just think, Pamela Anderson could sell her old breast implants, Michael Jackson could sell the jar, or maybe Ted Williams family could sell the frozen head of Ted?  Fantastic.  

I'm personally going to hold out for the urn that Eddie Van Halen put the ashes of his musical career in. 


cb said...

What a bad idea. The Big Bopper is only remembered because he died with a real legend. In fact, I bet if you polled 100 people regarding who died in that plane crash, only 20-25 would be able to name the Big Bopper.

diane said...

So are you still alive or what? This picture of the Big Bopper is creeping me out already. Post some halfnaked pics of Kate Beckinsale or some other chick instead of this dead dude.