Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I'm Too Pretty To Be In Jail..."

Sure you are Snookie.... sure you are. Will someone please punch her in the face? Someone did? Maybe they need to hit her harder. Maybe if one of those other orange idiots hits her hard enough she'll stop looking like the monster that should be guarding a pile of gold in middle earth.


diane said...

I don't understand why she wants to be known as the fellatio girl. She is always eating pickles, whipped cream from a can, or penis-shaped lollipops. Really? I remember back in the good old days when girls were ashamed to admit they did that deed, and they kept that info only for the backseat of Random Guy X's Honda Civic. Now Snooki is a walking advertisement for oral.

ebv said...

hahahahaha. all around. "too pretty". HAHAHAHAHA.