Sunday, October 03, 2010

I'm All In...

I really hate poker metaphors, but with the new fall television season in full swing it felt appropriate. I suggested my love of all things Alison Brie last year and the new season of Community has done nothing to blunt that. She's funny and hot, which is always a good combination. Here are some other random thoughts:

1. Black Swan is coming out soon and if you recall, the movie features the male fantasy of Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman making out. Apparently it took the duo the better part of a bottle of tequila to get the ladies in the mood. My question is what kind of tequila were they using and is it generally available? Can you imagine what that information would be worth to a PR firm? It would make for a much better commercial that that Sopranos douche sitting at a table.

2. Kanye West was on SNL this past week... being just as stupid as he always is. It was a laughable performance. Why is he famous again? Oh yeah, he stole some award from the similarly talent-deprived Taylor Swift.

3. They are making another Three Musketeers movie. What the hell did the French do to deserve to have Orlando Bloom desecrate their national heroes?

4. Kate Beckinsale has officially given up. She fell for the paycheck and is going to star in the fourth Underworld movie. All this means is that she'll be doing direct to dvd sequels to this and her other shitty movies until her looks fade. That's too bad, as she is not a bad actress, but she's married to an abominable director. At least she's still working though....

5. The League is back, which is my new favorite television show. It is a crazy, semi-improvised show about a group of friends who are in a fantasy football league. There is no place they won't go, which to me is the essence of good comedy. I love it, you should watch it too....


diane said...

Is The League another show to be canceled shortly? I'll catch its 2.5 seasons on Netflix in 2012.
Kate looked best in Much Ado About Nothing. She didn't look anorexic in that movie, which is always a plus.

Kristin said...

I absolutely loathe Community...I don't get the love it gets in my family, and it sucks.

Black Swan looks interesting and dark..the trailer I saw showed Natalie Portman literally turning into a scary swan, which is cool. I don't give a rat's booty about the makeout scene - it's an obvious ploy to get men's butts in the theatre.

I know Kanye is an egomaniac, but damn I love his albums and thought he killed it on SNL...we have very different tastes in music.

Orlando Bloom and Kate Beckinsale are the very rare good looking Brit and they're choosing crap movies. I saw White Out and it was just an excuse to show her in the latest Arctic fashions and showering...blech.

Haven't watched the League but the promos are funny, maybe I'll tivo a few to see how a full episode goes.

Anonymous said...

Black Swan: Just keep your calendar clear on Dec 1st.

Kanye West: Boy has he been stupid lately!

Orlando Bloom: A gay looking Legolas was ok...but I can't handle him in any other role.

Kate: Not sure what you see in her. I had no idea who she was when I watched Click and she made no impression whatsoever.