Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Rumors Must Be True

No, not that I'm the worst blogger on the internet, there are plenty worse than me, no that Hef is running out of money and the bunny is about to go under. The evidence you ask? Well, they cleaned off version 7 (or is it 8?) of Pamela Anderson, put their best photoshop wizards to work and put it on display on this month's issue. Combine that with some lame 'golden ticket' promotion they had last month and you can stick a fork in Playboy. They're done.

And really, is it a bad thing? I'd argue that it is not. Whatever panache Playboy once had has been long gone, it is little more than a relic of a simpler, more innocent world. The things that gave Playboy any substance don't sell anymore and for the prurient, there are other outlets that cater to a wide array of perverts out there.

When the inevitable happens and Hef turns in his keys to the mansion and his 3 granddau...., I mean girlfriends, I think that it will be time for the sociologists and others to take a hard look at the impact that the sexual revolution had on American society and culture. Maybe I'm just being a curmudgeon, but I doubt it has been a benefit.

I wonder if the 23 year old girl in the photo above could see where her life was going to take her, would she have still taken this particular journey?


Anonymous said...

Pamela minus honkers! Was that all of the picture on Playboy?

Homer said...

Of course not... I cropped out the boobs, because I'm not sure I want full frontal on the blog...