Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bells of Recantation 7/21/12

When I drive around this valley of sun/death/heat I end up listening to a shit-ton of sports radio. My least favorite radio program is the Doug and Wolf show (actually this isn't true: to use one of my favorite/overused phrases, if I could light Colin Cowherd on fire and then kick him down four or five flights of stairs I would), but they have a bit they do when they have to recant on an opinion. They start ringing bells, and they have the 'Bells of Recantation' which of course I am going to steal.

So what am I recanting on? Well, Britta of course. I have been an avid Community watcher/fan since the beginning. It is a great little slice of television absurdity, but that first season, the only sour note was Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry. Initially conceived as a love interest for Joel McHale's character, she usually just came off shrewish and condescending. So I, like most normal people despised her.

By the end of season one though, the writers had figured out they had a Britta problem and made some changes to her personality. They didn't make her different, but rather they changed how they approached her smugness and superior attitude and made her 'the worst.' In the vernacular of the show, when you have made a GOB-style huge mistake, you've Britta-ed it. Which has allowed Gillian Jacobs to become one of my favorite parts of the show.

Heading into this fourth season of Community with all of the questions surrounding the change of showrunner and writing staff, I just hope that they allow Britta to continue on her path to enlightenment, where she will of course screw it up somehow...

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