Monday, August 03, 2009

Just Shut Up!

Mike and Mike in the Morning used to have a segment every week called Just Shut Up!, where they nominated people who have said something stupid over the past week to just shut their word-hole. I like the idea so here’s three nominees from the weekend:

  1. Lisa Kudrow complained over the weekend about how miserable high school was for her, how she’d cry over not having a boyfriend. She then went on to say how superior she was to all the guys in her high school. Gee, no wonder nobody asked your stupid condescending ass out. How about you do this Lisa, take all of your residual checks you get for being in the right place at the right time, douse them in gasoline and set them and yourself on fire. High school was hard for everyone, even self-important theater freaks. Your fifteen minutes are up, go away.
  2. Trina Thompson is a New York City ex-college student suing her college for her $70,000 in tuition money back because she can’t get a job. So are the $70,000 in student loans going to be more or less than the legal fees she’s incurring in a frivolous lawsuit?
  3. U2 singer Bono recently admitted that he’s annoying. Thanks for that Captain Obvious, but even when you are being reflective, you’re an asshole. Try this, when you aren’t touring or promoting a record, go the fuck away. That would solve most of the problem. Solving the rest? STFU!

Anyway, this will be semi-recurring, as people say stupid shit. Enjoy!


Kristin said...

I like this new feature very much, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Is this your way of raising the bar here? In any case, it's probably a good goal to not get nominated to your segment...

Can't seem to sign on to blogger today!


diane said...

I had a hard time in high school too, cos my sexiness was way too much for all the boys. Just like after high school. Sometimes it is lonely being so awesome.

ebv said...

You should write this series and have Mr T. narrate it. Why have a picture when you can have the real thing. Let's not kid ourselves... cook him up a warm meal and mention you've seen him somewhere and he'll probably do it for free.

Sheri_Beri said...

LMAO @ your response on #1.

#2, Wow ... is she going to sue her parents because she's a dumb ass?

#3, I still ♥ U2's music, but Bono needs to get over himself already.