Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Kiss of Death

So today the bride uttered words that no one ever wants to hear, that in many ways I am like my father. That hurt. Although to be honest, I say the equivalent to her often, because she is like her mother. But anyway, I am not here to talk about my feelings... what I am here to talk about is one way that I am similar to my father that just irks and saddens me.

My father likes bad food. He is the opposite of a foodie and as long as there is salt on the table he’s fine. He likes bad restaurants and most telling, when he finds a restaurant that he really likes, he goes there with a passion that is unholy. He insists that the family go there and when they aren’t as impressed with it he blithely ignores it. Ultimately, my father’s unquestioning love for a restaurant is the kiss of death for that establishment. There have been several examples over the years that once my father finds and loves a restaurant, it goes out of business or moves. It is axiomatic. And I am beginning to feel that I share that kiss of death with my father.

I like television. I shouldn’t, it has become obvious to me that television cuts heavily into my productive time, but damn, I love it. Unfortunately, it seems that once I find a show that I really like, it just doesn’t seem to have that wide appeal that allows for a long-lasting show. Arrested Development is the perfect example of this, as it remains the greatest television comedy today, yet the audience never found it. So Arrested Development went away after two and half years. Other shows fit the bill as well, and I am now perversely afraid to buy into a show too much, because I don’t have faith it will last past my finding it. I am hoping that I am wrong, as I love several new shows, Modern Family being my current favorite. I hope for Sophia Vergara’s sake that the show lasts for a while. At least long enough for me to stop feeling like my dad.


Sheri_Beri said...

Modern Family is a GREAT show! I know a lot of people that really enjoy it so let's hope that it stays on the air for a while. :D

Funny comparison though! lol

Anonymous said...

I've picked nothing but bad shows, that seem good to start with, but end up bad. Another comes along and puts me thru' days of "eye allergies".

If you even understand what you've said, are you surprised that 4-5 days later, I am not all excited to sign up for that again? It's called a self-preservation instinct or maybe "fight or flight" response is more apt.


Anonymous said...

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