Saturday, October 01, 2011

Shit That I Dig (October 1)

I know that this place is a malestrom of whining, cynicism, and breasts, but I feel like mixing it up a bit. Starting today will be a regular feature I'm calling Shit That I Dig. It's classy and elegant, just like Snookie and you may never see it again, but I promise I have another Shut Up Fool! post coming soon...

So what do I dig today? Ron Fucking Swanson, that's what. I despised the first several episodes of Parks and Recreation when they aired. It was like the creators took all of the shitty parts of the American version of The Office and made their own show of these disparate parts. I did not like, but then a funny thing happened. The showrunners discovered that they had other people in the cast other than Amy Pohler... And once the focus came off of Leslie and her pit, the show became amazing.

My favorite part of the show has to be Ron Swanson, the woodworking Libertarian who actually runs the Parks Department of Pawnee. There is nothing about Ron that isn't awesome, from his mustache to his desk full of ground chuck. The best part is that each little discover about Ron gets parceled out in a fantastic ensemble cast of characters allows the writers the freedom to keep Swanson as a powerful presence without overwhelming the show, there's never the feel that he's going to become Kramer, if you know what I mean.

I love what this show has become and the idea that a man can deliver lines like "you had me at meat tornado." I just hope their ratings improve so that those crazy kids at Entertainment 720 can figure out their business plan... Speaking of which check out their website at


Kristin said...

I want to have Ron's babies. I agree that they're doing a good job of holding back and not cramming him down our gullets because he's popular. I also love Jean-Ralphio, but I don't want to see more of him...the little touches here and there are the perfect amount of him.

Renee said...

Jean-Ralphio is like this show's Artemis. If they put in any more of him, I won't be excited to see him. As it stands, I still get giddy.

And I want to go on record as the person who knew Parks and Rec was going to make it, even from the first episode. Nobody else cares that I knew it was going to be funny, but my loyalty to former cast members of Upright Citizens Brigade is still at 100% unwavering.