Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Cheer!!

1. Chuck – needs to sack up and stop acting like a whiner with a sandy vag. Oh, my fake girlfriend killed a guy that wanted to kill me. Boo Hoo! I enjoy the show, but at some point, doesn’t Chuck have to act like this isn’t the first time at the rodeo?

2. Hitler’s Birthday – apparently there is a little ‘un whose wise and astute parents named Adolf Hitler Campbell. Now, the local Shop-Rite refuses to personalize a cake for the little racist, and the parents are bewildered. Really? What was their first clue there might be a problem? I’m sure that the boy’s best friends Pol-Pot and Stalin are accepting, but the parents here really need to be neutered or put down themselves. For the rest of us. Seriously.

3. MONSTER!!!! What the hell happened to Goldie Hawn??? She has never been attractive, but it looks like her face is collapsing in on itself. I’m just glad that it isn’t Halloween or she might get staked before anyone realized that she isn’t a zombie or vampire or something.

4. Freaks - I'll close with part of an article I read off of People say that men are strange and perverted. Hopefully this can add some balance to the conversation. Where do they find these people?

Nearly half of the women questioned by Harris Interactive said they'd be willing to forgo sex for two weeks, rather than give up their Internet access, according to a study released Monday by Intel, which commissioned the survey.

While 46 percent of the women surveyed were willing to engage in abstinence versus losing their Internet, only 30 percent of the men surveyed were willing to do likewise.

The U.S. survey, which queried 2,119 adults last month, found that the gap grew even wider for both men and woman who were 18 to 34 years old. For woman, the percentage of those willing to skip the sheets in favor of the Web rose to 49 percent, while it climbed to 39 percent for men.
And for women 35 to 44 years old, the figure jumped to 52 percent.


Renee said...

That last episode of Chuck was awesome, so I hope you're not saying the series is losing its appeal. Personally, I can't wait for new episodes in Feb. But, if you're saying that Chuck is a pansy because he seemed bothered by the shooting that appeared to be in cold blood, then yes, I have issue with that too.

Homer said...

No, the episode was fantastic, but he's acting all shocked and put out that Sarah would be violent... isn't that her job?

I'm not sure I like where they are taking Casey's character either, but Awesome is awesome.

Renee said...

Awesome is always awesome.

And if this show gets cancelled before we find out that Chuck's parents are spies, I'll be okay with that. That sounds like such a dumb place to take it. I hope the hints they're dropping don't mean anything.

Sheri_Beri said...

Wow... Is that picture of Goldie Hawn, one of those photos that are meant to show how hideously she's aged or is it just a regular picture and she really is hideous!?!