Monday, December 08, 2008

Rock You Like a Hurricane!

So today I’m reading about the myths of Theseus and the origins of Athens and I see that King Minos was cursed by his jealous wife so that when he would consummate his relationship with his mistresses, he did not ejaculate semen, but rather spiders and scorpions that would eat the genitals of his mistresses. That is a kick-ass curse and a handy bit of knowledge. It would certainly dissuade the young maidens of the kingdom, don't you think? Who said learning about ancient civilizations and mythologies was boring? No word on whether or not King Minos penned the bitchin' tune "Blackout."


Renee said...

The title of this post leaves me speechless and in awe of your wrongness.

King Minos is widely credited for bringing boy love to the Greeks. And now I see why he had to go with Option B

diane said...

That is so awesome. Are you reading "a book," or "many books?" I want to read about Greek mythology. I never really learned much about it. Other than Medusa, but that doesn't really count.

cb said...

If I ejaculated spiders and scorpions I would be a superhero that would rub one out on purse snatchers.