Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Jail Day!

So Lindsay's supposed to go to jail today..... She's like comedy manna from heaven. So anyway, here are some random observations from the past week:

1. Literally? I went and saw the movie Inception over the weekend. I really enjoyed the spectacle and the story that Christopher Nolan had created. It was really good, but there are a significant number of movie critics who really do not like Nolan's style. Which is perfectly alright, but they criticize his movies as being too literal, not metaphoric enough. Which is kind of silly. These are the same people who are using David Lynch as an example of great filmmaking. The man hasn't told a coherent story in decades, but that is what Nolan should aspire too.... idiots. One buffoon actually said they liked the Transformers sequel better than Inception. That's just stupid. Watching that movie was like raping your own eyes.

2. Lil Kim did this to herself? Why? Haven't these losers seen each other? They NEVER look better afterwards.....

3. Paris Hilton has been cited twice in the past month for possession of marijuana in foreign lands. Aren't they supposed to lock her in some sort of prehistoric hell for that stuff? I saw Midnight Express. I'd like to see her use her ass herpes to get out of a Turkish prison.....

4. The cast of the Jersey Shore is getting a raise.... Why exactly? The only raise these losers should get is when they are swinging from the shower curtain rod during their auto-erotic asphyxiation games. And people wonder why the world hates America.

5. I missed the Jennifer Love Hewitt prostitution movie on Lifetime this weekend. I don't know if I can forgive myself, as I'm sure there was some hot seedy motel action. I'll try to forgive myself....

6. Angelina Jolie has a new movie that is coming out this weekend. It looks good for a movie about a woman who is clearly starving and looking for a sandwich....

7. The Old Spice guy just signed a deal to star in a yet to be developed television show. About a guy who runs around without a shirt I'm guessing. I hope he saves his money.... Go Devils!


Sheri_Beri said...

I hope they lock Lindsay up for a while. We could be so lucky. Nice move, going into rehab to try to avoid going to the slammer. I hope they make her actually go and serve some time.

1. It's interesting that you enjoyed Inception. I had no real inclination to go see that movie, and now you and Kristen are convincing me to check it out.

2. Lil Kim is a hot mess. In that picture she looks like a long lost Kardashian, lol...

3. That'd be fantastic if they would lock up Paris in a far away land... But then again, the tabloids would put her on every magazine and we'd have to listen to Kathy Lee and Hoda talk about her every day until she's out. Let her keep smoking the weed jail free, please!!

4. Watching Jersey Shore is like watching a train wreck. I can admit that I actually watched all last season, but haven't seen any yet, if they have even started yet. Couldn't they just replace those guido's with some others? I don't think those 6 had anything special about them. From watching any show dealing with NJ, they're all a bunch of obnoxious freaks.

5. They've been replaying that movie, so I'm sure you can catch it one day, lol

6. She needs a sandwich, some ice cream and a steak!

7. Yay for the Old Spice guy. I've seen him in interviews and he seems cool, for now. And him being shirtless is perfect! ;)

diane said...

Who is this old spice guy?
Jersey Shore... I've never seen it but the pics of the people on it gross me out. I loved it when it was reported that one of the producers said they hand out Valtrex like candy to all of them. Gross.
Don't tell my husband about that Lifetime movie - he is obsessed with JLH.