Monday, July 12, 2010

More Mel....

So I'm heading out the door to look for those bums I was talking about due to the fact that even more Mel Gibson crazy is coming out of the wood work.... I just wanted to hit a couple of points.

The first is that Mel Gibson is crazy and full of hate. It shouldn't be shocking, due to the fact that his father is EXACTLY the same way and he has been living as an entitled celebrity for the past thirty years or more. It would be more shocking if he ended up normal and well-adjusted. The calls for apologies and rehab are old news and quite frankly would be little more than window dressing for the fact that Mel Gibson is crazy and full of hate.

The second is the fact that no one in the media is actually quoting Mel from his rants. Wait, they are, they just blank out some of the letters.... it just reminds me of what Louis CK said in this clip, it's timely and funny:

Finally, I really do hope that Mel Gibson does take a step back and recognizes that he's teetering close to the edge. I was really depressed when I found out that OJ Simpson was a murdering son of a bitch, I don't want to have to add Mel to that list as well.


Kristin said...

This whole Mel thing is getting worse by the day. Ok, I get it, he's a big old jerk that no self-respecting woman should ever think about dating now that his laundry is out for all to see. Although I'm sure there will be women willing to, ala O.J. Simpson. What really chapped my hide the other day was Whoopi defending him and saying he isn't a racist? HUH? Did she hear those tapes? I don't get her at all...she also backed up Michael Vick and that bastard can go straight to hell.

Sheri_Beri said...

I think it's one thing to read what Mel has said, but to listen to the tapes... Wow! He's like mad-dog crazy talking to his baby mama. Just wow.