Thursday, July 08, 2010

Keepin' the Pimp Hand Strong....

A new legal post....

1. Urkel decided that Mel Gibson shouldn't have the news all to himself and went out and punched his baby mama in the tit. That's right, he punched her breast (which was an implant, as the story goes.... does this make a difference?) while they were driving in the car. Why does anyone care?

2. Mel Gibson keeps making news... Wetbacks are the latest 'victim' of his racist wrath. Does this come as a shock? I'd be surprised if there was a race he liked at this point. It's apparent that he's going to have to just go away now, which is too bad as Edge of Darkness was a pretty good movie. Watching the public disgrace unfold has been sad.

3. Speaking of sad, Lindsay is going to jail. That isn't really sad, but the fact that she is only going away for 90-ish days is. Her contempt for everything and everyone not named Pablo Escobar is astonishing. Hopefully she doesn't have anal herpes to give her an excuse to get out of jail early like Paris did.


Sheri_Beri said...

1. Where have I been, I haven't heard this story. That's just crazy.

2. I liked EoD too... especially when the girl opened the car door and got out and BAM! lol What did the mojados do to Mel? Geez... At what point is he going to actually STFU?

3. I hope they toss away the key on the broad, but I'm sure she'll only be in there a few hours. It kills me that she has been tweeting how she's being tortured by the system, blah blah blah... Sad little rich girl, pissed her life away.

diane said...

I almost wept at celeb news this week. But mostly out of joy at watching these idiots' lives spiral out of control.
The only one I feel any twinge of remorse about is Mel. Sigh. But it goes away rather quickly as I think of all the crap he has done to screw himself over.