Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Which Kris

US weekly had a headline last week about how Kris Humphries is enraged at Kim over some perceived betrayal since she allowed Kanye West to impregnate her. He's so mad in fact, that he has hatched some plan to humiliate her, which is shocking to me. The only Kris that seems hell-bent on humiliating Kim is her mother/pimp. I know that I'd be enraged that some vacuous fame-whore who I'd been suckered into 'marrying' for the cameras decided to let me off the hook and have someone else father her fame-child. I'd say Kris got off light here.

Let's face it, Kris Humphries should be glad that the Kardashian machine made him a household name, otherwise he's be some journeyman NBA player cashing huge checks for another year or two before going back and working at his parent's gas station.

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