Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are the May Flowers Here Yet?

The last Big 5 of April is here and I know the excitement is thick in the air. Nothing is really jumping out as a lead story, so here we go:

1. Maxim Got One Right – For once anyway. This year’s Maxim Hot 100 is out and Megan Fox is numero uno. Yeah, I know that some people (myself included) believe that she may be dumber than your average Jack Russell terrier, but c’mon, she’s freakishly attractive, ridiculous tattoos and all. At least this proves that the editors of Maxim have eyes, years of putting Lindsay and Britney on top of this list have made me wonder.

2. Saturday Night Live – Was actually amusing last night. The commercial with Tina Fey (Annuel?) was hilarious. I only wish that Christopher Walken could get through one skit without staring holes through the cue cards.

3. The NFL Draft – Was this weekend. I love the NFL, but was unable to pay much attention to it this year, much to my wife’s joy. It’s the NFL equivalent of a Renaissance Festival, complete with dorks playing dress-up, but it’s important to the teams. Oh well, I know the Cardinals will suck regardless of their draft, so I can take solace in their suckitude.

4. Iron Man – Why don’t all of the trailers for this movie include the Black Sabbath song? Who makes these decisions? Just another example of poor marketing.

5. Painting Sucks – That is all.

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