Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Big 5

The fun never stops in Homer's world.  Here are the big 5 stories of the week.

1.  My Name is Earl - what happens to a redneck loser when the funny dies?  Tune in next week to find out.  By the same token, what the hell was with this week's Office?  It takes how many weeks to come up with that crap?  Sad.

2.  MILF Island - 30 Rock came back with a home run though.  Just more evidence of Alec Baldwin's genius.  And Tina Fey can eat my poo, in a totally cool scat way.

3.  Outdoor baseball - I went to a Diamondback game this week, the roof was open and the D-Backs were kicking the hell out of the Rockies.  Life is good.  I like Chase Field, but being at a game is a million times cooler when the roof is open.

4.    Speaking of  baseball - what the hell is WHIP and OPS?  Do I really need to understand them to enjoy the subtle nuances of today's game?

5.  Finally, what the hell is with all of these ladies and their bangs?  Maria Sharapova does not need to rat out a Utah Claw, which I fear is the next step with the bangs she's got working now.  Although, rumor has it she's swinging for a new team, which is totally cool as a guy.  I know, shallow and cliche, but let's take a moment and hook her up with Kate Beckinsale and a tray of sushi.

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