Thursday, February 19, 2009

Internet Warriors

Ah, yes. The Internet is indeed serious business. At least that is the impression you would get if you ever read the comments section of any website. The web is filled with Internet warriors, people who are going to attempt to point out your stupidity and the superiority of their views, regardless of their validity.  Except my blog of course, my commentors (commentators?) are some of the best and brightest that this rock has to offer.

Case in point; I was looking for some commentary regarding the President’s speech at Dobson High School yesterday (total side note, why Dobson? It’s a craphole). The Arizona Republic had three or four writers discussing their views on the President’s plan. All of the views were different, but after each of the articles were comments by readers that were filled in by people whose only qualification is that they can turn on a computer. The hate just flew.  These fools went about spouting their views, and ranting about how the world just doesn't understand, how the stupid masses are so misguided by this leftist media.  It is kind of frightening to see this level of hate, stupidity, and laziness all in one place.  If these people feel so disenfranchised, they should write their own material and come up with their own arguments.  It isn't hard to sign up for a blog, I did it in less than five minutes and I'm functionally retarded.  They could have their say and not end up on page 35 of the comments that no one will ever see.

Dissent is good, I love to argue with people,  but the vast majority of people who comment on national events aren’t doing it in the spirit of discourse, they are doing it to feel superior to others, even if they are just cutting and pasting their views from some urban legend website. Like Fox News.  

I guess there isn't much of a point here other than even among the colossally stupid, you can still dig up a nugget of good information like I did today.  Did you know that Obama's plan brings us closer to socialism? I learned that from a bunch of comments on azcentral.   I also learned that Bar Rafaeli has a killer rack (I figured that one out on my own).


diane said...

You know these people that leave comments about Obama and socialism? Imagine living with them. And listening to their tv programs all day every day nonstop. Welcome to my life.
If only God had given me Bar's body it would all seem worthwhile. As it is, I am living with Bill O'Reilly. But I guess it IS one step up from having to sleep with Gayanardo DiCaprio. Take that, Bar! Whose jealous now?

Renee said...

I know you wrote something smart and said big words like "dissent" but I'm kind of not over how hilariously wrong that picture is. I think I will make it my new desktop.