Friday, February 27, 2009

Same Old Cardinals?

I had a long, boring post written about the Cardinal off-season, but the basic question is, are these the same old Cardinals?  It's starting to look like it, and it ticks me off.  I'll just say this, if Warner is allowed to walk for any reason, we need to surround the Cardinal compound and catapult flaming bags of horse crap into it until the Bidwills and Rod Graves are either fired or walked through the streets of Phoenix to our own little Place de Concord.  I'll bring the champagne.  

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diane said...

I think it is really cute that the residents of this hot-as-hell state really thought the Cards were miraculously cured of their craptastic management team and propensity to fail. Hells no! It's like expecting Chris Brown to have a healthy disagreement with Rhianna next time.
The Cardinals are the same team that has been disappointing Arizonans for years. I look forward to more decades of despising their every action.