Thursday, October 16, 2008


I had a huge rant typed up today at school about the final presidential debate that aired last night.  Yes, I was the world's greatest teacher today.  Anyway, it was really bitter and profane and showed all of the logic and compassion for which I am known.  As such, it was horribly flawed and unreadable.  So, rather than subject the few readers I have to that, I thought I'd offer up a couple of thoughts and a picture of Kate, who I would have voted for if she were eligible.  That's right, I already voted, so suck it.

1.  Joe the Plumber - I really wanted to find Joe the Plumber and hit him with an ill-fitted pipe filled with sand.  I'd have said a lead pipe, but they don't make them anymore.  Has there ever been such a transparent attempt at 'relating' to the populace as this?  By the time the debate was over I wanted not only to hit Joe, but to set fire to the advisers who included this milk-sop in their debate plan. 
2.  Obama is a Socialist - This is one of my favorite criticisms of Obama, and really any Democrat.  Do people who spout this crap even know what a socialist is, or what the political beliefs of socialists are?  Who exactly came up with a $700-$850 BILLION bailout for the banking/investment industry?  The idea that Democrats are more socialist than Republicans shows a marked lack of understanding.

3.  Pundits - The parade of freaks that CNN and Fox News trots out to analyze who "won" just shows that there are too many universities offering Political Science degrees.  The next time I need Bill Bennett to tell me anything about values and morals, I'll be in Vegas with some random stripper who found lifestyle inspiration in the movie Showgirls.  

4.  Off of politics for a moment - The Dodgers lost.  You suck LA.

5.  The Office - seems to be enjoying a renaissance.  The emergence of an evil Dwight has been outstanding and the new Toby is bitchin'.  It is no "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," but the new season has been surprisingly good thus far.  I think that after McCain loses this election, he could cameo on The Office as Creed's cranky older brother.  I think that would be sweet.

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