Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hank Baskett is not Smart

Either Hank missed the memo about hitchin' up with someone who takes their clothes off for money, or he is a genius for recognizing the fact that he is a marginal football player and his wife's breasts are going to be his meal ticket. Either way, he obviously never watched The Girls Next Door. Kendra is about as smart as, I'd say a box of rocks but I don't want to insult the granite that didn't make it to my countertop. BTW, how are all of these people dying and Hef is still not taking the dirt nap?


Sheri_Beri said...

Good question about Hef. You know... Yesterday I happened to catch part of this show. Kendra is just not hot. Why did she give her future in-laws a signed copy of her magazine? It's almost as bad as watching the train wreck Jessica Simpson.

Homer said...

When they spackle her up with some color/make-up she can be kinda pretty, but she's such a doofus. She's just so trashy it makes good television, but not exactly what someone should be looking for in a spouse (I wouldn't think).

Renee said...

I think she's funny, and can even be pretty, like you said, with the right application, but it's true. She's slightly less dumb than a piece of fried chicken.