Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Socialism!!!!! Or at least 1984!

I hate when a government gets above itself and messes with stuff that it has no business messing with...

I know you're thinking I'm talking about Obama, but no, its those bastards in England messing with one of the cardinal rules of English, 'i before e, except after c.' It is bad enough that those lousy Limies (how would you pluralize Limey?) had to go and tax our stamps, now they are jacking with our grammar customs? The queen is rolling over in her grave.

I might have to protest by suspending all postings of Kate Beckinsale, her being British and all. Nah, never mind. I can't stay mad at you Kate.


Anonymous said...

Without knowing exactly what the British did recently, and without even thinking hard....I can really think of more exceptions to that rule than words that follow that rule:

"ie" after c: conscience, science, society
"ei" after non-c: deity,feign,height,veil, vein, weight,weird,foreign

It really was not much of a rule to start with and you stood a better chance of spelling right if you did not try to follow it. Glad you got your chance to post Kate's picture along the way, but beyond that, I am relieved someone finally woke up to the fact that that that rule stinks.

Homer said...

It was never a rule, but more of a guideline. I'm just surprised that the British government is mandating that it no longer be taught.

And any excuse to post pictures of Kate is a good thing...