Friday, July 03, 2009

Dead Celebrities (continued)

Just a couple of follow up points to all of the celebrity deaths from the past week:

1. Keeping your family out of the funeral is a dick move. Not as bad as trying to kill that family member, so maybe the relationship between Griffin and Ryan O'Neal is getting better.

2. Billy Mays funeral pictures were on the news tonight and the pall bearers were all dressed in blue shirts and khaki pants. I love it, but just highlights the fact that people need to not take themselves so seriously, even in a time of sadness. After watching the Pitchmen marathon on Discovery this week, I have to say Billy Mays seemed like a cool dude. Loved his Bently and his private plane, but a good guy. I would never buy anything from him, but he seemed genuine.

3. The Jackson family fiasco is getting out of hand. The family is now saying that they are not going to charge the public for going to the memorial for the fallen pedophile, I mean singer. I would literally rather take $25 and set it on fire than give it to those ghouls. Jermaine had better be careful, offering himself up like that. God just might take him up on that. We can all hope anyway.


Anonymous said...

Are you considering burning $25 or going through with a cremation for $25?

The way you worded your sentence, it was a little ambiguous. If the latter is under consideration by any chance, I would vote for that... just to get all this over with!

I've had enough!

Homer said...

I don't think it's a good idea to get that amount of plastic around open flames. I agree though, it just needs to stop.

diane said...

I totally bought Oxy Clean because Billy Mays sold me on it. It changed my life! Until I realized that regular soap and bleach work better.
Question about the crazy surrounding MJ --- would someone that is idolizing (and idealizing) him after his death feel the same way about him if it was THEIR son that he molested? Just curious. And yes I love his music and I introduced my kids to the Thriller album a couple years ago, so it's not like I am not a fan of his music.

Sheri_Beri said...

I ♥ Billy Mays! I ♥ Oxi Clean! Yes, Diane, soap and bleach work better, unless you can't bleach what is stained... and if you've ever spilled something on carpet, Oxi Clean is AWESOME!