Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hammer of Justice Crushes You!!

1. Somebody saw this lady and said yeah, let's recruit her to represent us in the senate? Really? For those of you who don't know who this is, this is Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress as they like to be called, who was recently recruited by actual citizens of Louisiana to run for the United States Senate. She actually thought about it and agreed to this. She was going forward with her campaign until this past week's run-in with the law. Apparently she returned home from work (whether or not this work involved any deviant behavior is unknown) and was unhappy with the way her husband did the laundry. And then beat him up. She sounds like a delicate flower, doesn't she? On the positive side, if she does get elected to the senate and gets her freak on in a public toilet, she's likely to film it. Wait...

2. Phil Spector recently received a note from Charles Manson in prison and is freaked out about it, according to his wife. Well, if you don't bring attention to yourself by killing someone, then Manson would have forgotten all about you Phil. Just another reason to stay out of prison. That and the raping.

3. In other news, a Phoenix man is the hero of millions, okay maybe just a couple of dozen, but here's the article (Here is the link to the original article, it has the actual 911 call, the response by the suspect is classic):

GLENDALE - 911 calls normally aren't funny -- but when a Glendale man came home to a man robbing his house over the weekend, he tackled him and held him still while talking on the phone to a 911 dispatcher.

Homeowner Perry Bigley told a 911 operator, "I have the robber in one hand and the phone in the other."

Officers arrived to the home in the 4600 block of W San Juan where they found the victim on top of the suspect, holding him down.

Bigley told police he came home through the garage about 4 a.m. and found the storage door open. He then spotted the suspect going rifling through his DVDs.

On the 911 tape, Bigley says, "All I am doing is holding him down on the ground… He's saying he can't breathe he's tried to run twice but I caught him in my home."

"Look please stop struggling... we're going to wait here and were going to wait for the cops to come."

The suspect told Bigley there were other robbers upstairs, but they got away and ran down the street. The burglars took six TVs, a stereo, a laptop and a digital camera -- about $11,000 worth of electronics.

Police are still searching for the rest of the suspects.


diane said...

That Phoenix guy had 6 tvs to steal? Wow. Can I just take one or two? He won't even notice that they're missing.

Renee said...

That Phoenix guy was funny. "No, we're going to sit right here and wait until the cops come." He's going to be a good dad someday.

The Vanny Bunch said...

Diane and Reneewhat you fail to realize is that this was not a Phoenix bad ass it was a west side bad man was from Glendale. West side wins again!

623 for life sucka!!