Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Damn....I knew that weddings could ruin a couple of lives, but this story really hit home that an ill-planned marriage/wedding could really screw up the lives of innocent people with no connection to the event. I love the end of the story when they state that neither the bride nor groom were on the plane. Really? The bridal party wasn't in two places at once? What a shock. So what does this mean for the survivors of Oceanic 815?

ROME - A romantic wedding in the Tuscan countryside ended with injuries after an attempt to launch the bride's bouquet from a plane brought down the tiny aircraft.

Italian police say two people were hurt in the crash of the ultralight plane after the bridal bouquet they launched got caught in the aircraft's rear rotor.

The flowers blocked the engine, bringing the plane down by a youth hostel.

Police in the nearby town of Piombino said Tuesday the pilot was lightly injured in Saturday's crash, while the passenger who threw the bouquet had several broken bones.

The bride and groom were not aboard the plane.


diane said...

Who in the hell decides to drop the bridal bouquet from a plane? The bride and groom SHOULD have been on the plane because they really need to be removed from the gene pool. What a couple of douchebags.
BTW - I had to wiki Oceanic 815. I know, I am a loser.

Anonymous said...

It was a miracle! Imagine what may have happened to the woman that caught THAT bouquet.....