Friday, October 02, 2009

"I Heard You Missed Us

Well it's good to know that the douchebags at Esquire actually have some taste. It's too bad that they cannot actually take sexy pictures of the beautiful women that they have on their covers. It's good to see Kate getting her due, from what I understand her latest movie sucks worse than a three dollar hooker who needs a fix, so hopefully she can embrace this.

On a better note, this blog will pick back up... I've got some hate to vent, but this is a celebration. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Poor Kate! Did she lose all her money, thanks to the sucky movies she's been in? Is that why she could not afford clothes and had to pose in her undies?

Anyway, glad to see this blog active again. Doubly so, if the celebration that you refer to crosses the bounds of this haven.

diane said...

With all of her back-arching and humping I was expecting the camera to pan down and see her masturbating. That was a very weird video.

eric said...

Word, Diane. it's also interesting to note that Kate likes to watch her own softcore.