Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kirk Cameron vs. Charles Darwin

Crazy Kirk Cameron has launched himself back into the public arena with a long, nonsensical screed against ivory tower academia and the long-dead, controversial Charles Darwin. The video explains how Darwin and his theories gave rise to Hitler and how the godless communist/socialists are currently putting on their designer brownshirts and hobnailed boots in their pursuit of non-believers and their rights. Additionally, Kirk takes college professors of science to task for their apparently high levels of atheism, although due to the shaky logic on exhibit, I’d like to see the studies for that claim.

Kirk and his partner Ray Comfort (which for some reason reminds me of the name Joe Comforte, of Mustang Ranch fame) have a plan to change all of that. Their plan is to unleash a new edition of Darwin’s Origin of the Species with an all-new 50 page forward that explains, using Biblical Intelligent Design principles, where Darwin was wrong. I’m sure that the prose will be scintillating, but there is an inherent flaw with Cameron and company’s plan. That is no one, and I mean no one actually reads the Origin of Species anymore in the field of science. I had to read a selection from it in an undergrad English class once, and it was putrid. Either way, I cannot imagine that dumping 50,000 copies of this tripe onto college campuses across the land is going to do anything other than give the volunteers a chance to engage in ice cream socials with the local co-eds.

What I’d pay good money to see actually is an old school MTV Celebrity Death Match between Cameron and Darwin. I’m sure that after watching these two buffoons slap at each other for a few minutes, good ol’ Mills Lane would hit them both with a sledgehammer, allowing us to all be the winners for once.

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Anonymous said...

Why is Hitler involved? All we need is more religious groups writing intros to science books! I am sure any cosmology book could do with one of these, about how God created heaven and earth.

Dawkins (courtesy PBS) was studying to be a clergyman given this guys problems with atheism.