Friday, May 14, 2010


Thank god this freak's time is just about up... I mean c'mon, a bedazzled umpire's mask? That's the best you've got? Just go the hell away. I hope she saved her money.... And before anyone starts talking about her musical acumen, just stop. She's not writing a fugue here, she's just a freakshow who has managed to dupe people into her schtick. Being the uglier, less-talented 2010 version of Madonna is not a good thing.


diane said...

I agree.
But I can't not listen to Bad Romance or Telephone.
Call me a sheep. I'll take it.
p.s. Have I ever told you how much I loathe Madonna?

Kristin said...

Her tunes are hella catchy, but I agree that her weirdness for the sake of being weird is getting old and tiresome.

Homer said...

You know what would shock me? If she were to go out in public for more than two days in a row dressed like a human being... Not some sort of blind stripper who dressed herself with her hook-hands.

Sheri_Beri said...

i HATE lady caca. she tortures me... i get in the car and put on the radio and she's on it.. she stalks me. i don't know if it's her get-ups that bug me more or her followers or her annoying music, but i swear when she was on ellen the other day she had a fake madonna-like brittish accent and that almost made me want to throw a brick into my tv.

Renee said...

hook hands. Oh man. That was funny.