Thursday, December 21, 2006

Book 7. Finally.

So billionaire author J. K. Rowling decided to officially title her book today. In case you are surfing the web from under a rock, it will be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Not exactly falling off of the tongue, but it could be worse. I am an unabashed Harry Potter freak, and yes you will find me somewhere at midnight when this is released purchasing this book, but isn't this book a huge risk for Rowling?

I respect what she has accomplished, but let's be honest here, she could have finished this a few years ago if she would have spent less time fiddling with the movie aspect of her empire. The movies are a massive disappointment, as both movies and adaptations. The movies would work better as movies if she were to let some of the storylines be excised for the sake of time and bloat. You can forgive these digressions in the novels because they add flavor and color to the books, but in a movie, it just adds butt-numbing time to the equation.

At the end of the day though, Rowling doesn't care about what I think, after all I'll buy the book, probably see the movies, and she'll pocket the cash. I just hope she stays vigilant and finishes the books in the manner in which she has envisioned. It would be easy for her to be reactionary and kill Harry off so there will be no sequel, or to leave it open to her return in a few years. She has stated on many occasions that she knows how the books will end, I hope we will get to read that vision. She hasn't dodged difficult issues thus far, so I'm hopeful. Ultimately many people will love these books and others will be disappointed, but I am looking forward to the resolution of the series and hope that Rowling will find new avenues to mine in her writing future. And if not, she can always have a Smithers-esque moneyfight to brighten her day.

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