Saturday, December 16, 2006

On a related note

In the last post I noted the dearth of quality men's magazines. It seems you are either half-gay or 17 years old in the eyes of editors, but that was the last rant. Anyway, I was watching CNN last night and they ran a brief story about how the "men's magazine" business is so cutthroat. Apparently, not very many people actually buy Maxim, FHM, or any of their knock-offs. They also reported that FHM USA, which publishes an American version of the British magazine FHM is closing it's doors. I'm not sure what the world is going to do without another outlet for C-list starlets and borderline porn stars to hawk their wares, but we must be brave.

Again, maybe if editors didn't act like it was rush week and all of their readers were pledging for their frat, they could sell more magazines. But that might just make too much sense.

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