Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sun Devil Pride

Back in November ASU fired Dirk Koetter. It was time for him to go, but the search for his replacement seemed to never really gain "traction," which is Lisa Love's term for what she is looking for in her football program. Well yesterday she hired Dennis Erickson to guide the underachieving Sun Devils.

At first glance, I hated the move. He has been a vagabond coach; moving from team to team, always looking for a bigger platform. But after giving it some thought, I like the hire. Erickson's too old to go anywhere after this. He's 59 and if he turns this program into what he did at Oregon State; a fast, physical team that goes 11-1, I don't think a bigger program is going to take a chance on a 62-63 year-old coach to start over. Either way, his teams win and win big and I am excited about the prospects in Sun Devil land.

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themo said...

Go Devils! I need something to get me excited about them again.