Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Historian

So I am in Costco about a year ago and there is a book sitting there in hardcover for about $13.00. It's titled The Historian and there is a pretty good buzz going on about the book. I'm feeling rich that day, so I pick it up and promptly read about five pages. I am bored stiff by the writing and put it in my closet, chalking it up to me being a sucker.

Fast forward about a year and I am bored at work without a novel to read during Silent Sustained Reading. Sitting in my closet is that book. It is a story dealing with the legends and history of Vlad Dracula. So I start reading it again and it is really interesting. He was one sick man. The great thing about the book is that it has found a way to be informative, with real information about Vlad the Impaler, and at the same time be pretty entertaining. I am almost finished, so when I get done I'll review the book in depth.

Oh, the picture of Kate is because in the movie Van Helsing she was a vampire hunter or something. It works, trust me.


Nay said...

First off, permission to read blog? Family isn't always welcome, and I totally get that. How else you gonna talk smack?

Secondly, I started reading this book at the library and decided against taking it home because, well, I'm a chicken, and I didn't want devils jumping out of the pages and slicing my throat. It's a valid fear, I swear. Anyway, question is, when you review, do you mind offering an indication of the so-terrified-you-pee-in-your-pants factor? Scale of one to five, one being I have to change my g's, and five being I have to replace my couch cusions. Thanks so much.

Homer said...

First off, absolutely read this blog. I put this here for when I feel that I am overloading the VanBlogger. The book is good. It isn't ever "scary," but it is creepy, if that makes sense. I liked it, I finished it last night, and if you want to read it I can give it to you.