Saturday, March 29, 2008

Please God....

Make it fucking stop.  Seriously, just make her go away.  I'll go to church more diligently; I'll stop swearing and burning Paris Hilton in effigy.  Whatever it takes.  

Outside of a bunch of homosexual males with mommy issues, who cares about Madonna anymore? And no one, not even her husband wants to see that snatch again.  There was a time, what about 25 years ago now, where she was considered controversial, relevant and kinda sexy (in a dirty $5 whore kinda way).  Ever since she's been chasing publicity like Brittney Spears rooting around her car for stray Cheetos.  

It is bad enough that this haggard skank infects the world with her musical product, we need our vision polluted with the album art as well?  If you look closely, you can see the reinforcement needed to keep her junk under control.  As disgusting as this picture is, just imagine it without the magic of the Photoshop wizards.  Just imagining it makes my genitals angry with me. 

Ugh, I've got to find some sites with Kate Beckinsale pictures or something; purge the optic nerves.

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