Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness!!

I know, there have been a lot of exclamation points in the titles lately, I'll try to keep myself under control. Anyway, the NCAA tournament is here and the Sun Devils are back in. Hopefully they can win a few games, as I think their defense is going to make their opponents uncomfortable. Either way, they earned their way in and it should be fun to watch them beat Temple. It will make Bill Cosby cry, but it will be fun. As Eddie Murphy said, "Bill, have a pudding pop and STFU."

I'm trying to limit my use of profanity here, but it is difficult. Go Devils!


diane said...

Why are you limiting your profanity? Just curious.

Homer said...

No reason really, just thought it would be nice. That doesn't mean that I won't change my mind tomorrow.