Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Runnin' with the Devils!

So we are about 48 hours away from the Sun Devils and Temple Owls in Miami.  This tournament will mark the end of the James Harden era at ASU, which is too bad, but he's going to be off making his millions so I'm not going to feel too bad for him.  He hasn't come out and said he's out of here, but there is no way he should pass up the NBA draft.  He's won everything he can win at ASU (except the title, but that's a team thing) and he's leaving ASU far better off than he found them.  Here's hoping he gets three or four more college games.  Oh, and there's only a few more days before the mildcats can take a well-deserved vacation.


The Vanny Bunch said...

25 in a row bitch. Suck it.

Homer said...

Calm down there one and done boy. Let me have my moment. I'll enjoy mine as much as you enjoyed the moment in football. I doubt either of us will be able to enjoy it next year.

The Vanny Bunch said...

How hearbroken will you be if they don't make it out of the first round? We're playing with house money right now.