Saturday, April 25, 2009

Death Pool 2009

So who had Bea Arthur in this years death pool?  What, we didn't do it this year?  What the hell is wrong with us?

Oh yeah, we participate in death pools.  And you should know better than to think that I'd post a picture of Bea Arthur.


Renee said...

Did Bea Arthur die? He was my third favorite Golden Girl.

Sheri_Beri said...

lol @ "HE" was my third fav.... That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

A death pool! I think it is probably safe to assume that this does not have a Hades.. Underworld.. Styx.. connotation... (watched the crappy Scorpion King movie y'day hence that thought process)..

Given how often I use the word morbid, in conversation with you - Jomer (and it hardly ever comes up with any one else), I am not too surprised....

I am just curious about the demographic of the "we" that you refer too....Did not find any related posts so do explain ...I am dying :-) of curiosity.


Anonymous said...

Ok, my top 5:
1. Amy Winehouse
2. Lindsey Lohan
3. Dick Clark
4. Ed McMahon
5. Kate Beckinsdale (ok, only in my dreams so my husband will stop obsessing)

- Marge

diane said...

Marge - you picked some easy ones! Except I don't think Amy Winehouse will die this year - I'm pretty sure she's part cockroach since she has made it thus far. Lindsay Lohan though? She'll do it just for the publicity (she's not smart enough to realize that she won't be able to pop back up later with her boobs blaring and a "Ta Da!"). Ed McMahon SHOULD die this year to get away from his financial problems. Plus he's starting to fossilize. Not sure about Dick Clark and definitely no Beckinsale. I imagine her in 25 years, still trying to pimp her body a la Sharon Stone.

Kristin said...

Two words: Farrah Fawcett.

Anonymous said...

good call Kristin, good call.


Renee said...

Okay, death pool, and this goes for 2009, or until this time next year? Not that it matters. I'm just In It To Win It, and I want clear rules.

1. Patrick Swayze (sorry)
2. Mary Tyler Moore
3. Angela Lansbury
4. Jack Nicholson
5. Mickey Rourke (of a broken heart - when his dog died, I think he lost his will to live)

can I have two alternates? Al Pacino and an Olsen Twin