Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday's Alright for Boobs

Well it's the weekend and it is time to relax, and quite frankly that last post disappointed me from a visual aspect. So here's Jenny, that crazy Playmate witch.

What the hell happened to Amy Pohler? That new show of hers is about as funny as your average snuff film. Not only is the show painfully derivative and tedious, but it just plays flat. The viewer never gets a sense that people are enjoying this process. Stale writing and mediocre acting is not a winning ticket. I find myself wishing Gob would show up and put her in the Aztec Tomb.

What the hell is Aubrey O’Whateverthehellhernameis wearing? Look, your famous because you slept your way into some ‘band,’ you have taken your clothes off for money, and you have no discernable talent. Show up on the red carpet looking nice and no one cares; show up like this and someone needs to throw acid in your eyes as punishment for what we’re forced to endure.

Finally, somewhere a town tried to ban baggy pants. I get the frustration with seeing what I would assume are heterosexual men adopting a gay prison fashion choice, but did anyone really think this was going to pass any kind of legal challenge? Lionel Hutz could have won this case.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

I am sure any day's alright for boobs....
Jenny person: hot but too slutty!

Amy P: I can't think of very many successful female ex SNLers... Tina Fey, Julia Louis Dreyfus that it.. So what's new?

Aubrey: What are those off-shoulder pajamas/baggy pants? Is she the one that is being banned? If so that is a good thing.

What's the problem with baggy pants really? We have fashion police now?


Homer said...

Sorry, the baggy pant picture didn't make it for some reason. I fixed it. Jenny too slutty? Nah, she's just crazy. I had high hopes for this new show and I was horribly wrong. So far anyway.

diane said...

"The Aztec Tomb" LOLOLOLOLOL

Renee said...

I like the show's first five minutes. I am just not a fan of Rashida Jones. I don't think she can act, and I think she's being deemed "eye candy" by people with no taste. She drags the show down, in my opinion. And Amy's character isn't "bad", but I don't feel the writers really have a grasp on who she's supposed to be. Sometimes she's dumb, sometimes she's clueless, sometimes she's an overachiever, sometimes the only thing standing in her way is confidence... It's not even a little bit realistic. If they ever get it right, it could be good. And they need to not make the storyline about getting a hole filled. Maybe next season they can try to pass a legislative act to allow paint to dry.

I think Jenny McCarthy is very pretty, but only when she's wearing clothes.

That guy looks like he's peeing into the hood of his car.

Homer said...

Yeah, the biggest problem with Parks is the lack of focus. You'd think with all of the time that they spent tweaking the show they would have figured that out.

Jenny McCarthy has taken 'sexy' photo shoots and turned them into an extension of her sense of humor. There is actually very little sexy about them, it is like she's making fun of the whole concept while she does them. She cracks me up.

Sheri_Beri said...

H- I agree with you regarding J.McC's photo shoots... The best part about her is when she goes on talk shows and talks about her stretch marks and how they retouched her photos. She's always been brutally honest about that. Ya gotta love her.

I think Amy P. is usually funny and I'm really disappointed that the show isn't more funny than it is. Boo!

Aubrey O'My... WTF?!? No one cares about you, not even the irrelevant Mr. Combs. Get over yourself and go back to the trailer from whence you came.

Last BUTT *lol* not least, I have to share a story. We were doing the story about the baggy pants and over headsets I got into a little argument with the Audio guy about where this 'fad' came from. I didn't believe him, so he emailed me articles, footnotes, blah blah blah to PROVE that it came from prison. I still don't know if I fully buy that story, but WHATEVER... Take some of the money you think you have and BUY A BELT!!!! ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!! lol

Anonymous said...

How about a "wedgie on sight" order? That would be a fun way of achieving the same goal.